Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance 

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We specialise in arranging mezzanine finance on residential or commercial property transactions in the UK

If you are looking to source additional finance on a residential or commercial property in the UK we can help.
  • Finance for residential, mixed use, care homes, healthcare, commercial and hotel projects
  • Coverage in England, Scotland & Wales
  • From £100,000 to £10 million
  • 1 to 3 year terms
  • Mezzanine funding up to 20% of costs
  • Senior debt and mezzanine up to 90% LTC
  • Bespoke pricing
  • Single units to 20+ unit projects
We are independent and work with a range of UK lenders many of whom are specialist lenders that are not available on the high street. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service responsive to your needs.
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Development Finance Facility For Scottish Castle Restoration
Development Finance Facility For Scottish Castle Restoration
Capital Raised
Bridge finance for Channel Islands resident to build new Guernsey home
Bridge finance for Channel Islands resident to build new Guernsey home
Capital Raised
Seventy Percent Net Loan London House to Flat Conversion - Clifton Private Finance
Seventy percent net loan for new developer buying and converting London house to flats
North London
Capital Raised
Hybrid Development Finance Solution Before Practical Completion for Falmouth Developer
Hybrid Development Finance Solution Before Practical Completion for Falmouth Developer
Capital Raised
Finish and exit on a London residential renovation
Finish and exit on a London residential renovation
West London
Capital Raised
Finish and exit for £1.95M barn development
Finish and exit for £1.95M barn development
Capital Raised

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Mezzanine Finance Service

What is Mezzanine Finance?

Traditionally, property developers use a combination of their personal capital and the finance available from banks or specialist lenders to fund their projects.  However, there are times when lenders do not provide the necessary funding required for property developers to complete their development.

Due to the reduction in senior lending in recent years it has become common place for there to be a shortfall between the budget and the total cost of development.  This has become a frequent problem for property developers.  As a result, in today's rapidly changing economic landscape, it is becoming more common to have structured financings consisting of various components. Developers are constantly looking for additional ways to fund their projects.

In the event that there is a shortfall in funding, mezzanine finance provides an option for property developers to source further finance to ‘plug’ the gap.

Mezzanine financing acts as a second charge behind the main lender for the development. By providing additional funding, it allows property developers the freedom to minimise the amount of personal capital tied up in a project.  This enables developers to invest in multiple development projects at the same time.

The majority of mezzanine finance providers will offer up to 20% of the gross development value. Therefore, the portion of funding is usually as follows :

When is Mezzanine Finance Appropriate?

Mezzanine finance is used by property developers when there is a shortfall in funding. This is when the property developer does not have the sufficient funds to complete their project.

Mezzanine funding is usually required to be invested into the development on the first day of the project to contribute to the purchase. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a specialist property finance broker to source the best deal available.

Mezzanine funding can be used for a variety of different types of building projects and it is regularly used by property developers:

How Does Mezzanine Finance Differ From Other Loans?

Mezzanine financing differs from other types of loans because of the flexibility it affords the borrower.  Through mezzanine funding borrowers can secure the necessary funding and arrange a repayment plan that suits them.

Mezzanine loans are a popular source of finance:

It is important to note that mezzanine loans are provided when the lender can see a high chance of return. This is because mezzanine finance providers take on a certain amount of risk that other lenders do not.

As a result of the additional risk, mezzanine finance typically will have the one or both of the following:

Mezzanine development finance can include high interest rates or an agreement for profit sharing, but it is a valuable tool to free up developers’ capital.  Developers appreciate this, as the more capital available the more they can take advantage of investment opportunities, which ultimately creates more avenues for additional income.  

Who Can Secure Mezzanine Finance?

Although the majority of mezzanine finance borrowers are property developers, mezzanine loans are not available to all developers.  Mezzanine finance providers restrict their lending to experienced property developers with a strong portfolio of successful projects. This is to ensure that the probability of repayment is high.

As a result of this, mezzanine finance providers rarely offer mezzanine loans to new or inexperienced property developers. This is because it is too risky for a lender to provide additional finance to a developer that has no experience or track record of successful projects, as the probability of repayment is low. In the unlikely event that a mezzanine finance provider grants a mezzanine loan to an inexperienced developer, it is likely that the interest will be a lot higher than a standard mezzanine loan.

An alternative route to source finance for new or inexperienced property developers is through a specialist broker to arrange a joint venture. This is where an experienced property developer or high net worth earner invests in the inexperienced property developer’s project. 

How Can I Get Mezzanine Finance?

Arranging mezzanine finance without professional assistance can be a long and drawn out process, with no guarantee of success. This is because almost all mezzanine finance providers solely deal with professional finance brokers in the financial service industry. When developing a property, organising adequate finance can be lengthy and complex. In the event that mezzanine finance is required, it is advisable to contact a specialist property finance broker to ensure that the mezzanine loan is appropriate, with fair terms and at the best available rates.

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