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Private Bank Mortgages

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Private Bank Mortgages 

We can help you secure a Private Bank Mortgage in the UK on a bespoke basis:

Our Specialist Private Bank Mortgage Broker Service:

  • Bespoke lending solutions from £500,000
  • Large mortgage loans up to 95% LTV (Loan to value)
  • Uncomplicated approach to income & wealth
  • Interest only mortgage and high income multiple options 
  • Private bank mortgages for residential and investment properties
  • Options for short term finance (bridging), buy to let, commercial and development
  • Mortgage solutions for complex income arrangements e.g. foreign currency, multiple income sources, family trust income, using company retained profits
  • Solutions for HNW individuals
  • Large mortgage options with no assets under management requirement
  • Later life lending solutions
  • Offshore solutions for UK expats, non domiciled UK residents, UK residents earning in a foreign currency and foreign nationals
  • Independent & expert advice to suit your schedule and needs

Why Consider A Private Bank Mortgage?

We can secure private mortgage loan arrangements for our clients, with more flexible borrowing arrangements and much lower interest rates.

Instead of following the usual set of restricted mortgage lending guidelines, private banks can assess your situation and affordability on a case-by-case basis. 

They can move very quickly to offer a tailored solution for high net worth individuals, taking into account your wealth as well as your income.

Through our close and established relationships with unrestricted private banks, we can arrange bespoke underwriting and customised mortgage products tailored to suit your income, wealth, and property needs.

Private Bank Mortgages from Clifton Private Finance, Specialist Mortgage Broker Service

How Do Private Bank Mortgages Work?

You can't approach a private bank directly. Some private bank lenders prefer a personal recommendation or referral from one of their existing clients, or you will need to be introduced via an intermediary such as Clifton Private Finance.

An initial introduction will usually involve an in-depth meeting with the bank, in which they will want to get to know you, understand your background and future plans, as well as get a full picture of your wealth and income.

This personal introduction process is not something you will want to go through multiple times before you find the right fit for you. Our experienced and specialist private bank mortgage advisors will talk you through the options and connect you to the private bank which presents the best solution for you.




Head of Private Clients

For some of our HNW clients, a private bank lender will offer the best solution not only for their immediate borrowing needs but for their longer-term wealth management. This should be a long-term relationship that lasts for many years, so it makes sense to get an introduction to the private bank that will suit you best.

Do Private Banks Require Assets Under Management (AUM) To Offer a Mortgage?

Private banks are likely to encourage you to consider their Assets Under Management (AUM) offering since it is a major service they offer. There are still some private banks that require a minimum investment, but it is no longer a standard requirement to bring your wealth portfolio with you if you require a private bank mortgage. 

There are many advantages to holistic management of your financial affairs and some of our clients can make substantial savings on multiple consultancy fees. But the decision is entirely yours, so we can help you consider the options and advise you on the right private bank to suit you and your current situation.

How Can Clifton Private Finance Help?

If you are a medium or high net worth individual and think a private bank mortgage could be beneficial, get in touch with one of our specialist private finance brokers for a discussion of your requirements. They will be more than happy to assist you and give expert guidance.

You can book a callback consultation  at a time to suit you:

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2 Year Fixed

Up to £1.5m

2.54% APR

Fixed until 2/9/2024

Subsequent rate 4.25%

LTV - 60%

APRC 4.1%*

Product Fee £999

Early Redemption Charges - Yes

Free valuation

As of 16th June 2022

5 Year Fixed

Up to £1 Million

2.45% APR

5 Year Fixed (Remortgage)

Subsequent rate 4.40%

LTV - 75%

APRC 3.7%*

£850 cashback

Product Fee £995

Early Redemption Charges - Yes

As of 16th June 2022

10 Year Fixed

Up to £1 Million

2.73% APR

Fixed until 31/8/2032

Subsequent rate 4.49%

LTV - 60%

APRC 3.4%*

Product Fee £995

Early Redemption Charges - Yes

As of 16th June 2022

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